★ Chuck Taylor’s heritage – Converse All Star ★

Created in 1917, the Converse All Star sport shoes have been improved and renamed during the 1920 by the former Basketball player Charles (Chuck) Taylor, who was at the time a salesman for the brand.

It was first producted in Brown and Black, while the selection of colors and materials was enlarged at first in the twenties.  Later, in the 1980, the brand became very popular amongst Skaters, especially in California.

Another boost happened in the nineties when the Converse All Star became popular in the music scene. Kurt Cobain was one of the icon musicians who wore a paire, the One Star style in this case.

Nowadays, Converse still regularly produceds limited editions, available on KOALA.CH, such as the Green Day style proposed for the Spring-Summer 2013 collection.

Finally, you can see the shoes appear regularly in the movies, for example worn by Mary McFly in Back to the Future (All Star Hi Black), or by Harry Potter himself !

Find your own favourite style here :

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