NEBULA : The phenomenon of the moment

The Geox from Nebula is the sneaker to absolutely have ! It was conceived to travel the world in every season and this with the feeling that you are walking on a cloud thanks to its lightness. This shoe already makes you dream ? Then keep reading, because the Nebula has many more assets to make you discover.

Innovation, performance, comfort and style are undeniably the key words that are defining the Nebula. Geox improves even further the traditional concept of breathability in order to ensure to your foot the breathing in 3 dimensions thanks to extra-large perforations in the sole as well as a special interior lining allowing the heat to escape upwards by a natural process of temperature regulation providing a pleasant feeling of having dry feet. Impressed ? And you haven’t seen everything yet ! The Nebula was thought in order to procure you performance and comfort thanks to its sole that has been designed to follow the foot’s natural points of contact, which will provide you optimal flexibility and cushioning. You will simply feel like in a slipper by wearing the Nebula sneaker, but of course without losing your style !

If it is either for your cozy weekends, for your crazy trips or for your working days, Nebula will always be there to bring you wherever you want while being adapted to your casual or chic outfits. It will simply follow you to the end of the world if it is necessary !

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