Hunter boots cleaning tips

How to clean your Hunter boots

Are you well acquainted with white spots on your Hunter Boots? This is a highly ordinary phenomenon and it is also known as “ Blooming”. Which is a natural process that usually occurs on ageing rubber boots and this is a well-known characteristic, especially of high-quality natural rubber. Therefore, it’s needless to worry.

In order to give your Hunter Boots a new look, the brand Hunter provides you deliberately a special product for its Hunter shoes. You can find this in our online store.  It includes the sponge-like brush called “Boot Shine”, the spray, “ Boot butter’ and a special polishing cloth.

If you want to know about how you can use the right product for your Hunter rubber boots. Watch this video tutorial. You will certainly be surprised, how little time it takes until your shoes reach at it’s glorious result and your shoes will shine like the first time you bought.

Let the results speak for themselves!

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