CONVERSE: The shoe that will bring you anywhere

The famous Converse are almost THE shoes to wear with every outfit in every circumstances ! They will be at your feet either when you are at work, at a party, downtown, out for a walk and even at your wedding ! The Chucks simply don’t have limits anymore !!!

Converse began in 1908 as a rubber specialist producing galoshes. Luckily for us, rubber is the only thing they kept in their actual Converse ! In 1920, the first canvas sneaker named “All Star” made its apparition, but this one was actually created in order to sink jump shots on the basketball field. This shoe has evolved until it became an inescapable and fashion product. To this day, the Converse adapt themselves to every style and we do everything to them !

If you are wearing the Chuck Taylor All Star ’70, the Chuck Taylor All Star Leather or any other model, it is you who are deciding what you gonna do to them ! Their true life begins as soon as you are wearing them !

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NEW BALANCE : Fuel what you’re chasing

Founded in 1906 in Boston, New Balance got specialized in the production of running shoes in the 1930ies. Over time, the brand knew how to innovate, without losing its performance and quality assets. This strategy was more than efficient, as it propelled New Balance to the 4th world rank of sport shoes.

One of the main priority for New Balance is to move the world around them and help all the athletes, no matter what their level is, to beat their own records and set new ones. Talking about this, come discover the Fresh Foam 1080 model that will undeniably optimize the benefits of your run thanks to its innovative midsole created from a single piece of foam that will provide you with a more comfortable ride. Cushioning is taken to a whole new level and you can be sure that you will make any road yours with the Fresh Foam 1080.

But New Balance doesn’t stop here ! In addition to a high technology, the brand knew how to bring a new edge to its products by blending in perfectly comfort and fashion ! New Balance is THE chic sneaker and colorful sneaker to have in one’s dressing !

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