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Vibram Fivefingers: Get a Grip !

It was in 1935 that Vitale Bramani, an Italian mountain climber, developed the first Vibram sole capable of excellent traction on mixed surfaces. Using the vulcanized rubber technology, he develops the Carrarmato design that is still one of the most used sole by mountain climbers. But the Vibram FiveFingers were only developed and launched in 2005 as the shoe that feels like a “second skin” and that is revolutionizing the concept of walking “barefoot”.

You will certainly find a Vibram FiveFingers that will fit perfectly your needs in your craziest adventures ! The Trek Ascent will give your hiking experiences an unmatched grip and the KSO-KMD Evo will definitely give the fitness fanatics a great freedom for dynamic movements. Wondering which ones will be your ally for a great run ? The Bikila Evo will perfectly fulfill your barefoot running experience, but if you are looking for some more challenging mud runs, the official Warrior Dash footwear Spyridon will be THE shoe you need !

Furthermore, an expert team that puts the shoes in the most extreme conditions tests the quality of the Vibram FiveFingers and assures the design of the ideal sole for any activity.

Don’t wait anymore and experiment a new sensation by buying one of those amazing pair of shoes ! You won’t be disappointed !

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CONVERSE: The shoe that will bring you anywhere

The famous Converse are almost THE shoes to wear with every outfit in every circumstances ! They will be at your feet either when you are at work, at a party, downtown, out for a walk and even at your wedding ! The Chucks simply don’t have limits anymore !!!

Converse began in 1908 as a rubber specialist producing galoshes. Luckily for us, rubber is the only thing they kept in their actual Converse ! In 1920, the first canvas sneaker named “All Star” made its apparition, but this one was actually created in order to sink jump shots on the basketball field. This shoe has evolved until it became an inescapable and fashion product. To this day, the Converse adapt themselves to every style and we do everything to them !

If you are wearing the Chuck Taylor All Star ’70, the Chuck Taylor All Star Leather or any other model, it is you who are deciding what you gonna do to them ! Their true life begins as soon as you are wearing them !

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NEBULA : The phenomenon of the moment

The Geox from Nebula is the sneaker to absolutely have ! It was conceived to travel the world in every season and this with the feeling that you are walking on a cloud thanks to its lightness. This shoe already makes you dream ? Then keep reading, because the Nebula has many more assets to make you discover.

Innovation, performance, comfort and style are undeniably the key words that are defining the Nebula. Geox improves even further the traditional concept of breathability in order to ensure to your foot the breathing in 3 dimensions thanks to extra-large perforations in the sole as well as a special interior lining allowing the heat to escape upwards by a natural process of temperature regulation providing a pleasant feeling of having dry feet. Impressed ? And you haven’t seen everything yet ! The Nebula was thought in order to procure you performance and comfort thanks to its sole that has been designed to follow the foot’s natural points of contact, which will provide you optimal flexibility and cushioning. You will simply feel like in a slipper by wearing the Nebula sneaker, but of course without losing your style !

If it is either for your cozy weekends, for your crazy trips or for your working days, Nebula will always be there to bring you wherever you want while being adapted to your casual or chic outfits. It will simply follow you to the end of the world if it is necessary !

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The Converse Phenomenon

Who doesn’t know them, the cool and stylish « Chucks » ?! We can no longer imagine our every day life without the Converse All Star, whether you are in the bus, in the train, at work or at the mall, you will see them everywhere ! But what is it that makes these shoes so popular ? Why do people around the world, no matter if young or old, wear them ?

The success story starts on the basketball field : In 1917 Converse introduces the basketball shoe Converse All Star onto the market, after the basketball player Chuck taylor had been complaining about hurting feet while playing basketball.

The Converse shoe has evolved from a purely functional shoe to a trendsetter which is suitable for everyday use and which has often been worn as a symbol of individuality and rebellion !

Nowadays the cult brand is represented at least once in almost every wardrobe around the globe. « Chucks » just fit with everything ! By providing for colour spots, they add a certain something to every casual Jans-look and if worn with a skirt they give the person wearing it a somehow original retro look.

So if you want to go with the trend you will absolutely have to get your pair of converse !

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