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CANADA GOOSE : Protect yourself from the cold – All in style !

Canada Goose, a know-how in the manufacturing luxury jackets and coats for more than 50 years now ! The company was founded in 1957 in Toronto and has specialized in outdoor jackets, which ought to conquer extreme temperatures. The brand was popularized in 1982, when the first Canadian, Laurie Skreslet, summited for the first time the Mount Everest, wearing a Canada Goose jacket ! In honor of the alpinist the following collection was called the Skreslet Parka collection.

You know what ? The down jackets and coats of the brand are still manufactured in Canada and sewn by hand until the last finishing touches for an incomparable quality. As the tradition demands, details are very strongly emphasized. Canada Goose however doesn’t limit itself to the needs of alpinists but has long ago conquered our cities ! You can see them everywhere worn by people who stroll in the city despite freezing temperatures. Because yes…It’s possible with Canada Goose !

So protect yourself from the cold and enjoy the winter wrapped in Canada Goose !

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JOTT- the wonder jacket for the mid season!

Autumn is coming to an end and the cold in the early morning makes the start to the day difficult. The denim jacket being too light by now we still wanna enjoy the last sunbeams, which is why the winter jacket stays in the closet for the moment. So what to wear in this mid season ? JUST OVER THE TOP has the solution !

Most everyone knows how it feels like being wrapped in a thick jacket in which you can barely move and in which you start sweating as soon as you enter a store or a train. JOTT has brought an end to this horror scenario ! The fluffy down jacket is an absolute fast seller in the fashion world. High-quality goose down filling will keep you warm without making you sweat. The extra light jacket is hardly perceptible and feels like a second cuddly skin !

Our businessmen and women are specially challenged in winter : How combine a winter jacket with a stylish blazer or an elegant pencil skirt  without making a fashion faux pas? JOTT jackets are so thin and close-fitting that they can easily be worn under the blazer so that you are always perfectly styled at the office !

The brand which was founded in Marseille has developed a unique concept : a jacket which keeps you warm, which is very light and also extremely flexible ! The JOTT jacket can be folded and put in a little bag which is delivered with the jacket ! You can take it everywhere without waiting too much space. Wether on your bike, in the car boot or a travel bag, JOTT accompanies you through the cold days  !

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Columbia – the perfect mix of adventure and fashion

How do you spend your summer ? Do you like to be outdoors ? Then we have exactly what you need : Columbia is the number one brand for adventurous outdoor activities. The top quality materials offer you excellent comfort and protection for various outdoor sports such as jogging, hiking, cycling and fishing. On you find shoes of the brand Columbia, but also jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, trousers and hats so that you can start your adventure well-equipped from head to toe.

The hiking boots, sneakers and sandals allow you sure-footed walking on every ground. The Columbia jackets are waterproof and breathable and will therefore keep you warm and dry in every weather condition. Finally, Columbia is also available in a fashion edition : the large selection of trousers, shorts, sweaters, shirts and polos goes well with different styles and rounds up your casual look. This applies to women and men alike.

With Columbia you move one step closer to adventure. Take a look at the convincing range of products !

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Clarks – the stylish brand for summer

Are you looking for an elegant shoe that is yet extremely comfortable ? Look no further – Clarks offers you exactly this combination. Clarks is a well-established brand within the fashion market that sticks out for its constant innovation and high quality materials.

For men, Clarks offers a wide range of elegant business shoes that are perfect for important occasions. For a casual look we suggest the famous Desert Boots made of suede leather. Women will also find what their hearts desire ; with the stylish nude-pumps every woman can become a fashion icon.

Clarks shoes can be worn for various occasions ; at home, to work, to go shopping, to go out in the evening. If you are looking for an attractive price/performance ratio, Clarks shoes are the right choice. Don’t miss this opportunity – get your pair of Clarks now !

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