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La première campagne radio de KOALA.CH

Il fallait bien y arriver un jour, KOALA.CH fait sa pub à la radio à partir du 22 juin, et jusqu’au 28 juin, sur la radio Rouge FM

Cliquez ici pour écouter la pub : Pub radio KOALA.CH rouge FM

N’oubliez pas: KOALA.CH, c’est les livraisons et les retours gratuits, même pendant les soldes!

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PS: la musique de fond est le titre “aquarium” du frère d’un des fondateurs de KOALA.CH, qui vit en Australie. Son groupe s’appelle Cogel, et les chansons sont disponibles sur itunes! Superbe clip sur son site

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My first week-end in Vibram Fivefingers

Brand new on KOALA.CH : the Vibram Fivefingers shoes! You probably have seen them already, worn by some fans of the brand, but they were so far quite difficult to find in Switzerland. Vibram is originally famous for its mountain shoes soles. But after several years of R&D, they released these “barefoot” shoes, which actually give you the feeling of wearing no shoes at all.

Since this week, KOALA.CH also features them in the shop, and I must say I’m rather convinced by the concept. The world of shoes is usually not famous famous for innovating, but in this case, we thought the effort was worth a closer look. We therefore tested it for you!

First impression: odd! Feeling of wearing something different that probably needs some accustoming. Quite fun. But then, after a few minutes, you actually forget them and get totally used to them and that’s particularly impressive!

Impact: it works! Whether they are good for your feet, your back, or even comfortable… some won’t care at all and just like to wear something t

ruly original. And these are probably the most original shoes you can wear these days!

A short walk along the lake on Saturday confirmed my suspicions.

People stare at your feet all the time, talk about it, ask questions. The most common? Where can I get them???

And the answer is… on KOALA.CH…. , what else?

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