How to stay glamorous in the snow ?

It’s probably THE most complicated season for us shoe freaks: winter! Indeed, it’s difficult to wear your favourite High Heels or Boat Shoes. So let’s have a look at the options you have…

The most „North Pole“

In the snowy mountains the stylish shoes from Sorel keep your feet warm. In the city they ensure a convincing appearance if worn for example in combination with leggings.

The most in vogue

Aaaah, these fluffy boots. According to our male colleagues they make big feet. With a calm voice we simply replay: once you put your feet into them you never gone take them out! But be careful with rain. Made of untreated sheepskin these marvels do not like to get wet.

The most bling bling

These Moonboots from Guess are perfect for those who like to attract attention at the après-ski. Decorated with little diamonds, patent leather and a classy satin band you won’t stay unnoticed.

The most masculine

In case he hasn’t already a pair of them, we hurry up to buy one for our partner. First, because it is a cost-efficient present. (These shoes are very resistant and survive several seasons. For sure!) Second, because they are a classic around the world. In sandcolor for a look vintage or in black for a breeze of sophistication.

If you haven’t found your perfect shoes yet, have a look at our selection “winter special”

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